The Synccentric API is an interface for accessing your Synccentric data using HTTP and JSON. The API makes it easy to create applications that integrate with your account to create a custom solution for your business needs.


The Synccentric API has a single point of entry, derived from your account URL:

All Synccentric API requests are composed of JSON format delivered as an HTTP POST request to the endpoint URL. Please note the use of https:// in the URL above; all API communication is encrypted over HTTPS.

To make a request to the API, the following are required:

  • Service URL
  • Request Method API Call
  • Access Key: [auth_key]
  • Signed Token (HmacSHA256): [auth_signature]
  • Timestamp: [auth_timestamp]
  • Version (5.1.2): [auth_version]
  • Campaign ID: [campaign_id]
  • Identifier (Required on some request methods): [identifier]
  • Identifier Type (Required on some request methods): [type]
  • Multiple Identifier Request (wrap ‘identifier’ and ‘type’ into array): [identifiers]


Any requests that include the param array ‘identifiers’ can include up to 20 identifiers (20 identifiers per single request).

Important: There are currently no request limitation however we will be throttling certain request methods after evaluation of beta use.

Generate your API Key & Secret Key to get started.