inventory_export (export all to JSON file)

There are two options for exporting your data using the inventory_export method. Option 1 is requesting 50 products at a time which are returned by specifying pagination in your request. Option 2 is requesting a full export which generates a JSON file and link so you can retrieve the contents from that file when it is ready.

Info: When you make your request, the response will return a JSON file URL. The contents of the file will not be immediately available; most files are typically generated within 1-5 minutes depending on how much data you have in your account. When you request the contents of the JSON file, if the file is not yet complete, you will get a message notifying you.

Request Method


URL Endpoint

POST /api/inventory_export


Files typically take between 1-5 minutes to generate


Return All Results
'identifier' => 'all';
'downloadable' => true;

Specify Fields to Return [Optional]

//Note: Specifying the fields to return will make your export faster! Do not include the names of your custom columns if you imported any, these will automatically export. 
//You can find these field names in your account on the 'manage' or 'export' page. 

'fields' => '0=sales_rank&1=upc&2=lowest_new_price'; 

'campaign_id' => '999'; //Insert your own campaign ID
'auth_version' => '5.1.2'; //current version 5.1.2
'auth_key' => 'DGgdjkgdGdkMDMxMmY5YWUDhskd8HHNzZlZWNhkdhUHoGH=';
'auth_timestamp' => time();
'auth_signature' => '938Shsdhg837HKHe26ed08dHudh03Hdkjsh0382Hhhs893Jsowu8DBJd33hkPPi98d';