inventory_export (Export by Pagination or Specific Identifier)

There are two options for exporting your data using the inventory_export method. Option 1 is requesting 50 products at a time which are returned by specifying pagination in your request. Option 2 is requesting a full export which generates a JSON file and link so you can retrieve the contents from that file when it is ready.

Info: To determine how many pages you can request for the pagination, call the ‘status’ method, divide by 50 (round result up), and that would provide you the amount of pages that can be returned (or requests you would need to make).

Request Method


URL Endpoint

POST /api/inventory_export


50 Identifiers per request


Single [OR] Multiple identifier request (request up to 50 identifiers in single request)
'identifiers' => array(array('identifier' => 'B01759FAYY', 'type' => 'asin'),array('identifier' => '885911229654', 'type' => 'upc')) //send 'identifier' and 'type' as multidimensional array. Options: asin, upc, mpn, sku, isbn, keyword

Export all results using pagination
Exclude the parameters above. If you have more than 50 products, you can retrieve 50 at a time using pagination:
'page' => 1

'campaign_id' => '999'; //Insert your own campaign ID
'auth_version' => '5.1.2'; //current version 5.1.2
'auth_key' => 'DGgdjkgdGdkMDMxMmY5YWUDhskd8HHNzZlZWNhkdhUHoGH=';
'auth_timestamp' => time();
'auth_signature' => '938Shsdhg837HKHe26ed08dHudh03Hdkjsh0382Hhhs893Jsowu8DBJd33hkPPi98d';