Issues with new update

*****Update Wed Jan 2nd:***** We have resolved export issues with most accounts. For some accounts that have larger exports, we are still experiencing some issues and are working to correct them. On average, accounts exporting over 10k items may experience some trouble. However, this depends on the amount of data you are exporting. Accounts with up to 100k items can still export with limited data fields selected. Please select only the data you need for the export while we work diligently to resolve the bugs related to this update. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and will have this resolved as soon as possible.

Update features:

  • Major speed improvements for the Products page and Exports
  • Revised filters on the Products page
  • Ability to customize the display order of your export fields
  • Logging of historical data; this is for an upcoming feature at a later date
  • Cleaner notifications to avoid interruptions including toast alerts
  • FBA profit bulk calculator – ability to import your costs and return profit value and margins
  • Additional filters that help with mapping accuracy
  • Structural database changes requires for development of new features in our pipeline