Japan, China, India MWS


Step 1: Accessing Your Amazon MWS Credentials:

To get your Amazon MWS credentials, you must sign up to MWS. To register for Amazon MWS, sign up using the appropriate link for your locale:

IN (India): http://developer.amazonservices.in
JP (Japan): http://developer.amazonservices.jp
CN (China): http://developer.amazonservices.cn

Click Sign up for MWS and then log in to your MWS account – or register if you don’t have a MWS account (you must have a Amazon Pro Seller account to register with MWS). Note, if it’s your first time registering, on your first login it may send you to your Amazon seller account; if this happens, just go back to the “Sign up for MWS” button using the link above and it will redirect you to the page displayed below:

Note: At the moment, we do not have a dedicated MWS account for Japan, China, and India; this requires you to use all of your *MWS credentials:
Select ‘I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS. ‘.

Click Next.

Agree to the terms on the next page to continue.

Copy & save your ‘Seller ID’, ‘*AWS Access Key ID’, and ‘*Secret Key’. You do not need to save the ‘Marketplace ID’, just know which locale your MWS account is, i.e. IN, JP, or CN).

Step 2: Storing Your Amazon ‘MWS Credentials’ in your Synccentric Account:

Save the ‘Seller ID’, ‘*AWS Access Key ID’, and ‘*Secret Key’ in your Synccentric account under ‘Manage Campaigns -> Edit’ or click the warning link that should display on your account for not having the ID stored. On the same page, select the correct locale (Amazon marketplace), custom name your campaign, then click Save.

*All MWS credentials are stored securely and are never shared. We use this only for making requests on your behalf to retrieve data from Amazon.