System Health Status

[UPDATED 4/19/2018 9PM EST] We have restored all data fields. During this restore, we moved a few fields listed below into it’s own setting. This setting is disabled on your account by default but if you require the fields, you can enable them on the settings tab of the ‘Search’ page. We’ve moved these fields for improved search speed as they require additional requests and processing time. If you do not use those fields and leave that setting disabled, you should see an increase in speed performance. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience during the downtime.

The setting that controls the following fields can be found on the ‘Search’ page under the ‘settings’ tab labeled ‘Retrieve Other Identifiers’. This is data that is returned (not data you search with):

  • upc,
  • ean,
  • isbn,
  • eisbn,
  • features,
  • review_iframe_url,
  • description,
  • category,
  • subcategory,
  • all_categories,
  • additional_image_*,
  • merchant_name