Accessing Your MWS Amazon Seller ID & AuthToken

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) is a secure environment that uses signatures for authentication to access the Amazon MWS API. Providing Synccentric with MWS keys allows Synccentric to make API requests on the sellers behalf for customized and quicker solutions. To be eligible to register for Amazon MWS, you must have an active Amazon Professional selling plan.


Step 1: Add Synccentric’s Developer Name and ID to your Seller Central account

Login to your Amazon Pro Seller Central account -> Click “Appstore” -> Then click “Manage Your Apps“:

retrieve mws keys

Select ‘Authorize new developer‘:

authorize Synccentric

Add Synccentrics ‘Developer Name‘ and ‘Developer ID‘:

  • Developer’s Name: synccentric
  • [Input ONE of the two developer account numbers below, depending which locale you are using…]
    NA Developer Account Number: 9686-0980-9446 (Required for Amazon US [.com] or CA)
    EU Developer Account Number: 1784-4300-6592 (Required for Amazon DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, or UK)
Agree to the terms on the next page to continue -> Copy & save your ‘Seller ID‘ and ‘MWSAuthToken‘. You do not need to save the ‘Marketplace ID’:


Step 2: Storing Your Amazon ‘Seller ID’ & ‘MWSAuthToken’ in your Synccentric Account:

Save the ‘Seller ID‘ & ‘MWSAuthToken‘ in your Synccentric account under ‘Manage Campaigns -> Edit’ or click the warning link that should display on your account for not having the ID stored. On the same page, select the correct locale (Amazon marketplace), edit campaign name ‘default’ if desired, then click Save.


For more details related to MWS access, please see Amazons MWS Guide.