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A platform with a simple, sleek interface, powered by features that help you sell easier, faster, and smarter.

Simple CSV import

It's as simple as a couple clicks. Just import your inventory or suppliers' data file and select the columns you want to import along with the identifier to search by.

Bulk Amazon search (conversion)

For each of your products, you can retrieve a number of product attributes from the Amazon marketplace; some include: lowest seller price, list price, sales rank, ASIN, SKU, EAN, UPC, ISBN, brand, part number, manufacturer part number, product title, description, product image source, and more.

Manage & analyze your data

User friendly display and filter for viewing and managing your data. Select only the data you want to see which includes product identifiers, pricing, and analytical data. Export data as CSV file. Explore the features

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Real time pricing & listing data

Collect more data quicker than ever! From real-time pricing to sales rank and other attributes, get accurate results when you need them.

Synccentric has been invaluable for gathering accurate product and price comparison data. Their platform is super fast and responsiveness on development projects always exceeds expectation. The best data partner we've worked with in this space!


More products, less work

Convert up to 100,000 products at a time and retrieve the data you need to sell more products on Amazon. Our convert & retrieve tool allows you to gather data from all Amazon locales. View all Amazon locales

Sell smarter

Collect data that can be vital to the success of your sales strategy. Analyze data like the Sales Rank, Buy Box Price, Lowest (FBA & Merchant) Seller Price, Merchant Name, FBA fees, and more. Analyze product data

Know what products to sell

Our Sales Rank analyzer collects products and filters out duplicate listings, returning the product with the best Amazon Sales Rank, visibility, and sales...real time. Amazon sales rank

Customized exports

Our system allows you to filter the data you need and manage it within a search-able user-friendly interface or export it to a CSV file for other uses. Data Management

Real-time Amazon Sales Rank

Return the Amazon Sales Rank for all of your listings in real-time with a bulk search.

Amazon Sales Rank

Return the Sales Rank to determine which product listings are selling. If 'duplicate' listings exist, you can choose to export only the best ranked listings out of the 'duplicates'. Best Amazon Sales Rank

Auto Update

Amazon updates their sales rank often and it can change quite drastically within a short time-span. With the auto-update feature, our system automatically retrieves the Sales Rank every couple hours to keep your data current. Accurate Sales Ranks

Convert product identifiers

Convert product identifiers to ASIN or search by ASINs to retrieve universal product identifiers. Import & convert up to 100,000 records at a time.


Return ASIN numbers in bulk correlating to your UPCs (Universal Product Codes). Our UPC to ASIN conversion tool returns all product listing attributes you need to sell on Amazon.


Our system allows you to lookup ASINs associated with your SKUs (Stock-keeping Unit) - SKU to ASIN. Convert in bulk fashion and return Amazon ASIN numbers & other product data.


Lookup Amazon listing ASIN numbers associated with your 10 or 13 digit ISBN numbers. The ISBN to ASIN lookup can bulk search thousands of books at a time.


Import your csv file of EANs (European Article Number / International Article Number) and retrieve Amazon ASINs (EAN to ASIN or vice versa) related to each record in bulk.


Import Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPN) to your account and convert your data to the correlating ASIN Numbers listed on Amazon. Learn more about the MPN to ASIN lookup.

Keywords to ASIN

Search Amazon for keywords or titles of your products and return matching results. The ASIN lookup by keyword search returns products that are most relevant to your keywords from your import file.


Import your list of ASINs and retrieve unique identifiers (UPC, EAN, MPN, SKU, ISBN) and other product and Amazon listing data. Learn more on how to search by ASIN.

ASIN lookup filters

Lookup ASINs by importing your unique identifiers (UPC, EAN, MPN, SKU, ISBN) and filtering by Brand / Manufacturer and other data with custom modules.

Amazon buy box & lowest pricing

Collect an array of pricing for each product to improve your pricing strategies.

Amazon buy-box price & shipping

Retrieve the real-time Amazon listing buy box price and shipping costs for new and used (includes subcondition) items. The buy box winner's merchant/seller name is also available, including if the seller is Amazon. After converting, let our system automatically refresh any pricing that changes every 1-2 hours. Amazon buy box price

Lowest price FBA and merchant

Get the lowest price sold by a merchant and FBA seller - or retrieve only the absolute lowest price along with the fulfillment channel. All pricing can be automatically refreshed by our system every 1-2 hours to keep your data up to date. Lowest FBA & Merchant Price

Amazon FBA fulfillment fees

Manage costs with our bulk FBA fulfillment fee calculator. Import your products and return the estimated costs in bulk for FBA sellers. Retrieve the following per product:

  • FBA Tier Level
  • FBA Order Handling Fee
  • FBA Pick & Pack Fee
  • FBA Weight Handling Fee
  • FBA Total Fees
FBA Fulfillment Fee Details

Search all Amazon locales

Connect to, Canada (.ca), United Kingdom (, Germany (.de), France (.fr), Spain (.es), Italy (.it), Japan (.jp), India (.in), and China (.cn). Create separate campaigns for North America, Europe, and Asia.

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