Convert EAN to Amazon ASIN.

How to convert EAN to Amazon ASIN numbers in bulk

EAN to ASIN Bulk Lookup

Lookup Amazon ASIN numbers by EAN (European Article Number / International Article Number) in bulk fashion. Our software allows you to convert your inventory file containing EAN identifiers returning the equivalent ASIN number for each of your products listed on Amazon. Other Amazon listing attributes are available for download as well including the products sales rank, pricing, category, title, description, and much more.

How our EAN Conversion Tool Works

Our system connects directly to Amazon searching for the data you import into your account. Once it makes a match, it returns real-time product listing information including the ASIN associated with that product. This data is collected in the inventory management section of your account and can be exported to excel at any time. Simply select the product attributes you wish to manage or export and the software presents the data in the format you need. The information collected from the EAN search is Amazon-friendly and can be imported to your Seller Account or used for other marketplaces.

In addition to the bulk lookup tool, you can also search ASINs by EAN individually using our keyword lookup search. This returns the most relevant products associated with your search allowing you to select products individually and add them to your inventory management section.

Our conversion tool works with most Amazon locales including USA (.com), Spain (.es), Canada (.ca), Germany (.de), France (.fr), Italy (.it), Japan (.jp), China (.cn), and UK (

Inventory Management and Export to Excel Feature

You can manage your products through our inventory management system; a user-friendly interface with product attribute filters. Locate products easily by searching and control the attributes you’d like to display in the inventory panel. Each product can be manually edited or deleted. In addition to the management section, you can also export the product data to excel. Selecting the appropriate product columns will allow you to import your file to your Amazon Seller Account.

Amazon product attributes that you can export:

  • ASIN: Amazon Standard Identification Number
  • UPC: Universal Product Code
  • SKU: Stock-keeping Unit
  • EAN: International Article Number (European Article Number)
  • MPN: Manufacturer Part Number
  • ISBN: International Standard Book Number
  • EISBN: eBook Electronic International Standard Book Number
  • Sales Rank: Amazon Sales Rank – Lower number means higher rank
  • List Price: Amazon List Price
  • Lowest New Price: Amazon Lowest Offer New Price
  • Lowest Used Price: Amazon Lowest Offer Used Price
  • Manufacturer: Manufacturer
  • Part Number: Part Number
  • Title: Product Title
  • Description: Product Description / Editorial Description
  • Model: Product Model
  • Brand: Product Brand
  • Category: Amazon Category of Product
  • 4 Custom Fields: Any custom data you import