1. Import your product identifiers

Import your product identifiers including any other custom data.

2. Retrieve Amazon ASINs

Search by UPCs, EANs, Part Numbers, SKUs, ISBNs, or Keywords. Our system makes the most relevant match and returns the ASIN and other data associated with the product and Amazon listing. Include additional filters (may require custom module) like Brand or Manufacturer filter to enhance search accuracy.

3. Manage or export results

Manage your product and listing data with a user friendly interface designed to filter the data you want to view, compare, and export.

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Buy-box pricing, sales rank, & FBA fees

Beat the competition. Gather pricing, sales rank, and estimated FBA fees to improve your sales strategies. Make smarter pricing decisions based on the Amazon listing data you retrieve from your bulk search. Explore all features

We have been using Synccentric for a variety of things...including leveraging your platform to help us with finding specific shipping dimensions and weight for items via ASINs...your platform is extremely helpful!

Brock Strasbourger, VP of Business Development at FANCY.COM

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Connect to Amazon.com, Canada (.ca), United Kingdom (.co.uk), Germany (.de), France (.fr), Spain (.es), Italy (.it), Japan (.jp), India (.in), and China (.cn). Create separate campaigns for North America, Europe, and Asia.