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How to Convert EANs to ASINs or vice versa in a Bulk Search

If you have more than one EAN/ASIN to search by, simply follow the steps below for quick and easy results.

1. Import ASINs or EANs

Import your EANs/UPCs or ASINs along with any other custom data. Simple CSV importer allows you to preview your file and select the columns you want to import.

2. Matching your EANs and ASINs

Our system connects directly to Amazon searching for the data you import into your account. Once it makes a match, it returns real-time product listing information including the ASIN (or EAN) associated with your identifier. In addition to matching EANs and ASINs, we return additional product information including identifiers (ASIN, UPC, MPN, SKU, EAN, ISBN), buy box pricing, lowest pricing, shipping price, and fulfillment channel, sales rank, and more.

3. Product management & export

Manage your results with a simple interface with filter options to display only the data you want to review. You can also export the results that you need downloading all of the product data or the filtered columns you selected. With our auto-pricing feature, you can automatically refresh your data every 1-2 hours to keep pricing and sales rank up to date.

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Analyze your product data including sales rankings, real-time pricing, and FBA costs to sell more competitively on Amazon or other websites. Get an edge over other sellers with analytical data that they don't have!

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Synccentric has been invaluable for gathering accurate product and price comparison data. Their platform is super fast and responsiveness on development projects always exceeds expectation. The best data partner we've worked with in this space!


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