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Follow the steps below to import your MPNs / SKUs / Product Title / or ASINs in batches of thousands.

1. Import your Part Numbers or ASINs

Import your list of Manufacturer Part Numbers or ASINs in a single CSV column along with any other custom data you need.

2. MPN / ASIN conversions

Search Amazon for products that match your unique identifier (MPN or ASIN). Once a match is made – or multiple matches are made – we verify that the manufacturer part number, part number, or model number of that Amazon listing makes a match with your product list. Retrieve additional data including other identifiers (UPC, SKU, EAN, ASIN, MPN), pricing, sales rank, and more.

3. Manage or export results

View, compare, or export your results with a user-friendly search-able data management interface. Filter the data columns you need and keep a history of past exports.

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We have been using Synccentric for a variety of things...including leveraging your platform to help us with finding specific shipping dimensions and weight for items via ASINs...your platform is extremely helpful!

Brock Strasbourger, FANCY.COM

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