API Update

As many of you already know, we’re currently in the process of completing an API that will allow you to connect to our system programmatically. This API will offer the ability to automate system processes, interact with other third party software, and create custom solutions to fit your business needs. We’ve provided a list of questions below that may be helpful:

When will the API launch?

We deployed the API at the end of August however had to roll-back due to conflicting issues with the API and current system functions that appeared on our live servers. It’s taking us longer than expected, but we’re working really hard to fix these bugs and have a smoother launch in the upcoming weeks. Unfortunately we don’t really have an exact time-frame on when it will be launched because of all the different testing scenarios that are involved. We are very confident it will be some time this month (October); unfortunately there are a number of different variables that make it difficult to estimate. We will provide another update once it has launched and is ready for use. The members on our beta list will be contacted directly for early trial.

Is there documentation?

We’re working on the documentation but cannot release it early due to possible changes with bug fixes. As soon as we launch the API, documentation will be available with it outlining all of the available requests, responses, and some examples for developers.

How can I use the API if I’m not a programmer?

Send us a request after the launch with your project specs and our team will review it and provide you with an estimate for the development. Note that the API is included with your plan and does not cost any extra; however, if you need us to build you a custom application, this will be quoted based on the programming hours the project requires.