Issues with new update

*****Update Wed Jan 2nd:***** We have resolved export issues with most accounts. For some accounts that have larger exports, we are still experiencing some issues and are working to correct them. On average, accounts exporting over 10k items may experience some trouble. However, this depends on the amount of data you are exporting. Accounts with … Continued

System Health Status

[UPDATED 4/19/2018 9PM EST] We have restored all data fields. During this restore, we moved a few fields listed below into it’s own setting. This setting is disabled on your account by default but if you require the fields, you can enable them on the settings tab of the ‘Search’ page. We’ve moved these fields … Continued

Filter Amazon Products by Size, Quantity, Color, and Brand

You can now add additional filters to your search on Synccentric for even more accuracy. In addition to searching by your main identifier (UPC, EAN, MPN, Part Number, or Keyword), you can add another layer of filtering for Size, Quantity, Color, and/or Brand. This is important especially for Amazon listings that have variants. For example, … Continued

V3 Beta Report

BUGS: 5/30/17 – Additional custom columns imported are not being returned on export 5/30/17 – Cancel button not working 5/30/17 – SSL error showing on ‘Product’ page 5/30/17 – Additional import filters for size, quantity, and color are currently being modified and may be buggy until the code is fully implemented. Brand filter is working … Continued

Major Version Update [10-20-2015]

Synccentric has deployed a major update to our platform. Below are some FAQs on the update and how it may affect you: What are the updates for? The updates are refactored functions that affect the import, conversion, and export functionality of our system. This allows our system to perform at a higher level, and it … Continued

API Update

As many of you already know, we’re currently in the process of completing an API that will allow you to connect to our system programmatically. This API will offer the ability to automate system processes, interact with other third party software, and create custom solutions to fit your business needs. We’ve provided a list of … Continued

Friday April 3, 2015 – Shared Account Issues

IMPORTANT: Due to some recent system updates, we’re experiencing issues with accounts that are using our shared server – those who don’t have their own MWS credentials stored in their campaign. HOW THIS MAY AFFECT YOU: If you are using our shared account, you may experience a long delay after clicking the ‘Convert’ button; almost … Continued

Custom Modules

If you had a custom module on our classic version, you’ll still be able to use that custom module by clicking the “Revert to classic version” link in the header of your account. If you don’t see your module on the new platform, please let us know. Some modules will not be able to be … Continued

Buy Box Changes

We’re making changes to our Buy Box feature! The new Buy Box feature will slowly be implemented across all premium accounts over the next few days (starting March 25th, 2014). The change with this feature requires that you store your Amazon Merchant ID and Marketplace ID in your Synccentric account. Please follow the steps below: … Continued