Autopilot and Plan Changes

Autopilot is now fully configured on all accounts (Wednesday March 12, 2014). With the new system upgrade, our plans will be slightly changing as well (for the better). Please see the FAQ below for more details:

What is Autopilot?
Autopilot is changing the way you convert your data. Instead of the existing browser based search/conversion which required a browser session, you will be able to import your data and let the system convert it all without the need to be logged in and monitoring the search. When the conversion is complete, the system will send you an email – or you can check back later to see if it’s complete. Conversions with 100 records or fewer will be converted using the browser method.

How can I get it?
Autopilot enables on your account for conversions over 100 records.

How will I know Autopilot has been activated
When you run a conversion, a new page will appear letting you know your conversion has been scheduled using Autopilot. There will be a link allowing you to update your email address for notifications when the conversion is complete.

How long will it take to convert a file?
This is based on the server activity on both our own and Amazons servers. Typically a file will convert anywhere between 1 to 4 hours (although could be more during extremely high server activity. During the conversion, you do not need to be logged in.

Will the plans change?
Yes. It’s important that we keep your inventory limit and your conversion limit equal. This means we’ll be lowering the inventory level, but more importantly, increasing the conversion level.

*Premium accounts: 3000 records allowed in inventory and 3000 records allowed per search/conversion (originally 2000 records per search/conversion).

*Standard accounts: 1000 records allowed in inventory and 1000 records allowed per search/conversion (originally 650 records per search/conversion). This will not take effect until autopilot has been installed on standard accounts.

*Plans are subject to change.

Found a Bug?
If you find any bugs, please shoot us an email so we can fix it (screenshots help!). We’ll be monitoring the system closely and working out any kinks over the next few days; we apologize in advance for any interruptions with the system or bugs you may find and will work diligently to perfect Autopilot.