Amazon Buy Box

Features The new Buy Box feature allows you to retrieve the following data: (New) Buy Box Price (New) Buy Box Shipping (Used – if available) Buy Box Price (Used – if available) Buy Box Shipping (Used – if available) Buy Box Item Condition Functionality The Buy Box feature has been moved to it’s own section. … Continued

Export Attributes

The following product listing attributes are available to export after a successful conversion with Synccentric. Note: Some attributes listed below are only included in higher subscription plans, please see your plan outline before subscribing or contact us for more details.

Retrieve Amazon Product Image URLs (Small, Medium, Large)

Retrieval of Amazon product image URLs is now available as an export option. Import your inventory file, convert it to collect product listing attributes, and export those attributes (including the image paths). Our system allows you to export the default thumbnail, medium, and large size URLs provided by Amazon. If you need a special size … Continued

Choosing the Best Sales Ranked Amazon Listing from Duplicates

It’s inevitable, newbie sellers are going to create new Amazon listings for products that already exist creating duplicate product listings. This begs the question, what listing should you sell on? Selling on all of them might get you on bad terms with Amazon – we’ve seen it happen quite a few times. But, only selling … Continued

Retrieve All Amazon Products ASINs from a Manufacturer or Brand

We’ve had a lot of inquires over the past couple of months for a solution to retrieve all product ASINs (and other attributes) from a particular manufacturer or brand. Our system partly works on Amazons API which does not offer a “Return All” request for manufacturer or brand lookups. We decided however that we will … Continued

Lookup Amazon Pricing with Bulk Search

Synccentric allows you to lookup Amazon product pricing in bulk fashion by simply importing your inventory file (containing ASINs, MPNs, SKUs, ISBNs, or Title Keywords) and exporting three price labels per listing including the list price, lowest new price, and lowest used price. This feature of our software allows you to price your products competitively … Continued

Find Sales Rank for Amazon Listings

There’s a lot of confusion about what Amazon Sales Rank is, how it is scored, and why/how you should use it. First things first, what is Sales Rank!? Amazon scores product listings so it can determine which products to show more prominently in their search results, category pages, and related items sections. Amazon basically wants … Continued

Lookup ASIN by Brand on Amazon

We’re asked quite a few times a week on how to search Amazon ASIN numbers by product Brand. Is it possible? The short answer is yes; but it’s a bit more difficult depending on the brand you are searching for and how many brands make up your inventory file. For instance, is your brand unique … Continued