Retrieve All Amazon Products ASINs from a Manufacturer or Brand

We’ve had a lot of inquires over the past couple of months for a solution to retrieve all product ASINs (and other attributes) from a particular manufacturer or brand. Our system partly works on Amazons API which does not offer a “Return All” request for manufacturer or brand lookups. We decided however that we will develop a solution for this. It will be available as an add-on which will require configuration for your account. Send us the manufacturer(s)/brand(s) that you’d like to retrieve all of the products ASINs (and other attributes) for and we will provide you with additional details specific to your account. Here is a general overview of how the ASIN by Manufacturer lookup will work:

Step One: Specify the Manufacturer or Brand you would like to gather all product ASINs from

First, you’ll input a single manufacturer or brand that is listing on Amazon. You’ll want to make sure you put in the correct spelling of the manufacturer (and include or exclude any special characters depending on how it is listed on Amazon); we suggest going directly to Amazon to view the manufacturer or brand.

Step Two: Run the Search

Running the search will collect all Amazon product ASINs categorized under the manufacturer or brand you input from step 2. Once your search is complete, you can export the ASINs to an excel file or convert them using our existing functionality to gather other product attributes like title, sales rank, pricing, etc.

Contact us for more details.

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