Why Amazon should be your primary sales channel

Introducing Amazon – The Ecommerce Giant What started as a virtual bookstore in July 1995 founded by Jeff Bezos has now grown into one of the internet and even the world’s biggest success stories. When we look back on history and the internet, Amazon will surely have its name in the books. It is now … Continued

Amazon’s Featured Merchant Status

What is Featured Merchant Status Featured Merchant Status are Pro Merchant Sellers who have achieved a high performance level and met Amazons quality-based requirements. While there is no fee for gaining Featured Merchant Status, it does require a great deal of quality assurance in a number of different aspects including performance metrics, reviews, etc. Sellers … Continued

Winning the Amazon Buy Box

What is the Buy Box and how do you win it? Learn what you need to qualify for this prominent checkout option on Amazon and how to give yourself an edge over your competition.