Amazon’s Featured Merchant Status

What is Featured Merchant Status

Featured Merchant Status are Pro Merchant Sellers who have achieved a high performance level and met Amazons quality-based requirements. While there is no fee for gaining Featured Merchant Status, it does require a great deal of quality assurance in a number of different aspects including performance metrics, reviews, etc. Sellers must also keep this level of performance to retain the featured status. Becoming a Featured Merchant is a direct path to more visibility, sales, and pricing flexibility. Sellers who have the Featured Merchant Status are eligible to compete for the Buy Box and More Buying Choices box prominently located on the listing page.

Qualifying for Amazons Featured Merchant Qualifications

Each seller is evaluated based on a number of different factors that ultimately lead to a good shopping experience for Amazon customers. The Featured Merchant Status is evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Seller performance metrics
  2. ODR (Order Defect Rate): This is based on customer feedback, chargebacks, and A to Z claims
  3. Response time (delivery speed, customer service, etc.), shipping options, and price
  4. Experience and age of seller account; the longer you’ve been a seller provides credibility and history that Amazon can review
  5. Status as a Pro Merchant

Featured Merchant Status can be granted per category and performance metric targets can vary as well based on what you sell. Overall, acquiring the Featured Merchant Status requires extremely high standards in all areas listed above.

How to become a Featured Merchant

New or having trouble becoming an Amazon Featured Merchant? Here are some best practices you should take to develop customer trust which is the key to high performance metrics and other qualification standards required by Amazon:

  1. List your products accurately: Be sure to provide detailed titles and descriptions of your products, their condition, and other details to avoid customer confusion.
  2. Ship your products accurately and timely: Avoid negative feedback from your customers by shipping the items on-time and by shipping the correct product they ordered. Reliable fulfillment might not always offer positive reviews however it will certainly prevent negative feedback which is equally important. If you for some reason can’t make your estimated delivery date, update your customer right away and provide them with an explanation. Be aware of storms and holiday dates that may slow delivery time.
  3. Provide an order status: Keep your customers informed with their purchase. It helps when a customer knows that you received the order, an estimated shipping date, and the day the product has been shipped. Follow up with your orders to make sure the customer received the product and is happy with everything; this communication gives you the chance to ask for a review once you know the customer is happy.
  4. Excellent customer service: Post-transaction support is key to ensuring customer satisfaction. Offer refunds, returns, and exchanges when appropriate.

2 Responses to “Amazon’s Featured Merchant Status”

  1. Jen

    Do you have any idea how long it takes to become a Amazon featured seller? I’ve been doing business on eBay for quite some time and have just started selling on Amazon.

    • admin

      Hi Jen. It really depends on how quickly you start to build good ratings and other metrics listed in the article. If you can, list your products cheaper to start. While your profit margins won’t be as high, you’ll be able to sell more quicker to achieve the necessary requirements for featured merchant status. Then, you’ll be able to increase the price of your products as you build credibility and have more visibility with the featured merchant positioning. If you already have a great reputation with eBay, don’t be afraid to contact Amazon and show this to them. While I can’t promise they’ll change your status solely off of that, it certainly can’t hurt.


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