Find Sales Rank for Amazon Listings

What is Amazon Sales Rank
There’s a lot of confusion about what Amazon Sales Rank is, how it is scored, and why/how you should use it. First things first, what is Sales Rank!? Amazon scores product listings so it can determine which products to show more prominently in their search results, category pages, and related items sections. Amazon basically wants to display the most relevant but best ranked listings on their website. The ranking is determined primarily by the sales of that product listing and is updated hourly. The sales rank is a good indicator of not only how well the product is selling overall, but can also be used to determine which listings you should focus more of your time on. In addition, while Amazon does its best to avoid this, you may find multiple listings for the same product. In this instance, choosing the listing with the lowest (better) sales rank can drastically increase your sales for that product.

Amazon Sales Rank Lookup Tool

Synccentric allows you to lookup the Sales Rank for each of your products individually or in bulk. Simply find a product listing via a keyword search or import your product list to return the Sales Rank for all of your items.

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