Amazon Buy Box


The new Buy Box feature allows you to retrieve the following data:

  • (New) Buy Box Price
  • (New) Buy Box Shipping
  • (Used – if available) Buy Box Price
  • (Used – if available) Buy Box Shipping
  • (Used – if available) Buy Box Item Condition


The Buy Box feature has been moved to it’s own section. This will allow you to retrieve Buy Box pricing data more frequently without having to re-convert your inventory. Generally, the Buy Box data can change frequently while the product attributes retrieved in the conversion section do not change often, therefore, we split these sections up so you can retrieve accurate up to date pricing without the longer wait time of having to ‘convert’ your data again.

Important: You can still retrieve the Buy Box Price in the ‘conversion’ section however that will not retrieve the other attributes listed above (shipping, used, etc.).


You must have your Amazon Merchant ID and Marketplace ID in your account to use this Buy Box feature. You must also have either converted a file already in your account, or imported a list of ASINs to your account. The feature requires ASINs to search the Buy Box data.

Important: You can still retrieve the Buy Box Price in the ‘conversion’ section without your Amazon Merchant ID or Marketplace ID.

Search Time

Search time is based on the volume of activity for both our own servers and Amazons. It’s also based on how many ASINs you are searching. This search should be much quicker than a ‘conversion’. Estimated search time is anywhere between 5 minutes to 120 minutes based on the factors already noted; you will receive an email when it is complete or you can check back and refresh the page.

Note: At this time you cannot run a search for the Buy Box data at the same time as a ‘conversion’.