Major Version Update [10-20-2015]

Synccentric has deployed a major update to our platform. Below are some FAQs on the update and how it may affect you:

What are the updates for?

The updates are refactored functions that affect the import, conversion, and export functionality of our system. This allows our system to perform at a higher level, and it allows for the implementation of our API which is expected to be available as a beta this month.

Are there any new features?

This update only includes coding changes so you will not see any design differences or new features right away. We will be integrating the API page shortly after which provides instructions on how to use our API, the requests that are available, and examples.

I’m experiencing issues, what should I do?

We’ve done rigorous testing, however since the system can be used in so many different ways, it’s possible we may have missed something. Every members data and search options are different, so while we do our best to debug the system beforehand, sometimes things do sneak through. If you experience any issues, please contact our support and we will look into it right away. If it’s something that is drastically affecting your search or the data that you retrieve, please contact us so we can temporarily revert your account to the previous version until everything is resolved.