API Update

As many of you already know, we’re currently in the process of completing an API that will allow you to connect to our system programmatically. This API will offer the ability to automate system processes, interact with other third party software, and create custom solutions to fit your business needs. We’ve provided a list of … Continued

Search by MPN and Filter by Brand or Manufacturer

This tutorial shows how to lookup Amazon ASINs by MPN (Part Numbers or Product Keyword) and filter the results by the each MPNs brand or manufacturer. Import your MPNs as a unique identifier and your brand or manufacturer as a filter in a second column. Our system will search by the MPN, match by MPN, … Continued

Friday April 3, 2015 – Shared Account Issues

IMPORTANT: Due to some recent system updates, we’re experiencing issues with accounts that are using our shared server – those who don’t have their own MWS credentials stored in their campaign. HOW THIS MAY AFFECT YOU: If you are using our shared account, you may experience a long delay after clicking the ‘Convert’ button; almost … Continued

How to Delete Products from your Account

To delete all of the products from your account, you’ll select the option during the import process to delete all existing inventory: To delete individual products, you can do this on the ‘Manage’ page of your account by hovering over the desired product and selecting the delete button:

Add More Data

Add more data to your Enterprise plan with Enterprise Plus. Contact us for pricing.

Amazon Product Review Ratings

Retrieve Amazon product listing review ratings with this add-on. This module includes the total review ratings count, star ratings average, and the count for each star rating. How Amazon Product Review Ratings Can Help Many sellers find ratings to be extremely helpful when deciding which products to sell on. Ratings give you insight into a … Continued

Retrieve Amazon FBA Fees in Bulk Search

Retrieve the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) fees associated with each of your products. Import your product identifiers (ASINs, UPCs, EANs, MPNs, SKUs, ISBNs, or Keywords), run the search and our system will calculate the Fulfillment by Amazon fees including: FBA Order Handling Fee, Tier Level, Pick & Pack, Weight Handing, and the FBA total … Continued

How to Retrieve Amazon Sales Rank

Learn how to retrieve the Amazon Sales Rank for all of your products within a single bulk search. Import your product identifiers and our system will search and retrieve the real-time Sales Rank for each product listing:

Retrieving Amazon Product Data – Extended Version

Learn how to use Synccentric’s system for converting identifiers like ASINs, UPCs, MPNs, EANs, SKUs, ISBNs, and Keywords. Retrieve Amazon product data as well as Amazon listing information like buy box pricing and sales rank. This video is the extended version: